We strongly believe that pets are part of the family and they should be treated with gentle loving care, patience, and positive reinforcement.

Benefits of a Mobile Pet Spa:

You will save time traveling to and from the salon and you will be able to keep your pet groomed on a regular schedule. We ask that the owner be present at his/her home the first time we come to you. We strongly recommend you book your next appointment after each grooming session; or you may book several sessions in advance. You will not need to be at your home once we get to know each other and you are comfortable with our pet stylist.

Safe, clean, calm and relaxing environment
We only work on one pet at a time; therefore, we will have no distractions or disruptions from other dogs, groomers and/or other clients.

No Cage
Your pet will not need to wait in the cage or be cage dried. He/she will be brought out on a leash or a carrier to be groomed and will be taken back inside your house or office when the grooming is finished. Also, all pets are hand dried.

No exposure to other pets, diseases and parasites

Less Stress and no traveling for senior pets or pets with motion sickness

High quality products and equipments

We use all natural bath products. Our clipper vac system reduces the clipping time and prevents clipper burn.

Personalized attention, lots of TLC, hugs, kisses and treats

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