My dog Tommy and I are so delighted to have found Amy with Le Bow Wow Club. Tommy No longer has to spend a whole day anxious and away from home. He is so very secure with Amy. She does a great job with the dogs and is a genuinely kind, caring and devoted pet groomer. I can't imagine having to use anyone else. She is the Best.....

Susan Erickson

We have been having Amy do our yorkie's hair cuts now for about a year. We LOVE the convenience of her coming to our house and taking care of our little doggie. Amy does a wonderful job on his hair cuts and he always looks so handsome. I have been very pleased with her work since day ONE. Our neighbors have since started using the Bow Wow Van for their two dog's hair appointments. Amy's business is first class!!!!!!

Doug, Tina and Logan Mote

I find le Bow Wow, very convenient, consistent results and the personal attention that our pets deserve!

Cheryl, Bloomington

We LOVE having Amy come to our house and groom Gizmo. No more taking him to a groomer and having to leave him there for 3 or 4 hours in a cage. It is one-on-one with Amy. Giz is so much more relaxed and happy and she does the nicest job on him. He is soft and silky and beautiful!!!

Kelly E, Normal

I love the convenience of Amy's mobile pet spa! One less place that I have to go. Excellent service for all of us!

Kathy W, Bloomington

Amy's mobile pet spa is great! I never worry about my dog, Lucky, getting stressed out going someplace where there are a lot of barking dogs. He seems to enjoy her spa in the van. It's nice too, if the weather is bad, to have her come right to your home. And, Amy REALLY looks out for your pets. Last Dec. she discovered what looked like a rash on Lucky's skin when she was blowing his fur dry. She brought it to my attention and it turned out to be the start of a serious autoimmune disease. If Amy had not spotted it, I'm not sure how long we would have continued to miss it. Lucky started treatment later that same day and he's almost completely recovered now. I would (and have) recommend Amy's mobile spa to any pet owner that has a pet that needs grooming.

Betsy, Normal

I wanted to thank you for your hard work. Star, our Norwich Terrier, does not do well if left without me, (vet, doggy daycare, you name it). I love the fact that you come right to the house so Star never has to feel that separation anxiety of being in a strange place away from home. Also my partner and I are very busy with a corporate job and running a small business and having you come when we are not here is amazingly easy. When we come home from our long day Star looks beautiful and it all happened while we were busy at work. I highly recommend Amy, once you try it you will be hooked.

Thanks Amy
Craig Gilsinger

Using Amy's grooming service has been a wonderful experience for both our dog and ourselves. Because our dog is a 12 year old Schnauzer, it was always worrisome to us when we had to leave her most of the day when being groomed as we were both working. With Amy coming to the house, Maggie seems much calmer and the experience is overall more pleasant. Within a short period of time, she is back in her familiar surroundings and beautifully groomed.

Amy is always prompt, courteous and on time for the scheduled appointment. I have recommended her to several friends who now use her also on a regular basis.

Barb and Lorin

I am so impressed with the job you do on my shih tzu's Leo & Logan. The convenience of a mobile groomed is great and they always look wonderful. I especially like that you photograph them for holiday occasions.

Jennifer J.

We have an older shih-tzu that has recurrent ear infections, so he hated being groomed, particularly having his ears done. His previous groomer asked me to sedate him prior to grooming. I sent an email to Amy and she got right back to me and fit him in. I was so happy after the first grooming when she brought him in and told me that he did fine and there would be no need for sedation. He looked better than ever and didn't seemed stressed the way he had with other groomers that left him caged for hours. Now when Amy comes, he goes right to her with tail wagging. We've been clients over a year, and we see Amy every 4-5 weeks. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Jill Ruebush

We are very happy when Amy comes to groom us. We get to stay home and don't have to travel for grooming. This is less stressful for us.

Signed your doggie clients, Jazzie and Jordi.

I am very happy with Le Bow Wow Club. Amy Huynh does a great job with the grooming, and I love the convenience!

Kris E

It has been great having Amy be able to come to the house to take care of my dog! She is an older dog and this one on one service has been a blessing. Amy is very good and trustworhty. I would recommend her to all my friends! Thanks for your kindness to Samie.

Pam Goode

We are very pleased with Amy's service. She listens carefully to our preferences and the cut we want. Knowing our dog is the only one being worked on from beginning to end makes a huge difference. Amy is dependable and caring and she treats our dog like she is one of her own. After our first grooming, we have never considered anyone other than Amy!

Teri W