Our service is by appointment only.

Please read our policies BEFORE you book an appointment with Le Bow Wow Club, Inc.

Our service is by appointment only. New clients should give us at least two weeks in advance to reserve your appointment. We highly recommend that you get on a regular schedule with us, typically between 4-6 weeks. All recurring clients will receive a reminder via e-mail or phone call at least two days before you actual appointment. Cancellation must be made at least 48 hours in advance. If you cancel your appointment 3 times in one year without the advance notice, we will no longer book your appointment.

We request that the owner be present at the pet's first appointment. After your pet's first grooming session, you may make an arrangement for our pet stylist to retrieve your pet from your home. 

Our pet stylist will arrive as close to the scheduled appointment time as possible.  However, unexpected circumstances may occur when dealing with animals, please allow up to 1 hour for us to arrive to the appointment. We will not put ourselves and the pet at unnecessary risk by rushing to the next appointment. The pet stylist will call you and advise you of any change in the arrival time.

Please advise our pet stylist of any concerns, such as allergies, sensitivities or pre-existing medical conditions so we can avoid aggravating these situations. Also, let us know of any prior grooming history you and your pet may not have found satisfactory; so we can avoid any poor of unpleasant experiences or situations.

It is highly recommended that your pet be up to date on all vaccinations.

Comfort always comes before style. If you pet is severely matted, he will be shaved.  We will try our best to keep as much hair as possible and to make your pet look the best. An extra fee will be incurred for handling the matted pet. 

We reserve the right to stop the grooming session for any safety reason, if your pet becomes too stress or aggressive.

Please leave a message if no one answers your phone call. We will try our best to return phone call within the next business day.

We accept cash and check. There will be a $30 fee for all returned checks.

If you leave your house/office, you must return at the designated time or you can make an arrangement with the pet stylist to return your pet without you present.  Extra fee will be charged if the pet stylist has to wait for you to return.

Due to increment weather or an emergency that causes us to cancel your appointment; we will inform you as soon as we can and will try our best to reschedule your appointment within two weeks.

We reserve the right to decline service on client's requests that may not be suitable with our mobile pet spa.

If your pet is aggressive and has had problems in the past with your previous groomer, you must inform us right away. Failure to inform us, you will be responsible for the medical bill if our groomer is bitten by your pet.

No shows, or cancellations made under 24 hours prior to groom will be billed $25 service fee.